Community Fire Co. of Seven Valleys York County Station 62


 Small TowPride...                     ...Big Time Commitment
The fire co's first piece of equipment 1883 Rumsey Handdrawn Village Pumper
About Us
      The Seven Valleys Fire Co. began in 1883, when town resident ans prominent businessman Henry Bott decided that Seven Valleys needed a peice of firefighting equipment . Henry made many business trips to Baltimore MD., while there he became very interested in the fire equipment of the Blatimore Fire Dept.. Henry bought a hand drawn pumper from the Rumsey Pump Works Co. in Seneca Falls NY. Henry made himself Chief and President and his son Asst Chief and Vice President. Henry moved out of town 7 years later. The hand pumper sat idol unit 1893 when brough residents took possesion of the pumper and organized the Community Fire Co. of Seven Valleys. the fire co. was then charted in 1921. The fire co. has been providing fire protection for over a century.
President-- Crystal Yeager
Vice President--Blaine Gerver
Secretary-- Jess Billet
Treasurer-- Frank Landis
Board of Directors-- Albert Buckingham
                                              Faye Walker
                                              Chuck Yeager
                                              Frank Landis
                                              Connie Mathews
Line Officers
Chief-- Blaine Gerver
1st Asst-- Chief Albert Buckingham
2nd Asst Chief-- Larry "Butch" Crouse
Captain-- Chirstine Buckingham
Lieutenant-- Ed Kamberger